Monday, May 16, 2011

Relationship between Sky Lights and Ice Dams

Skylights can be a source of Ice Damming in certain circumstances. Note the following quote from Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation: 

"In cold weather, snow melting from heat loss around the skylight drains down and can refreeze downstream, causing ice damming. Water subsequently builds up behind the ice dam, ultimately penetrating below the shingles. A rubberized asphalt sheet prevents water leakage resulting from this condition (see Detail 2.27d)"

"Ice damming can be minimized by reducing heat loss from the roof and skylight wall. Rigid insulation, with a minimum thermal resistance equivalent to that in the exterior walls of the building, should be provided (see Details 2.27a, b, c). If the skylight walls are inclined, insulation with a thermal resistance equivalent to the roof should be considered. This reduces the amount of snow melt that could cause ice damming."

In many cases insulation, ice and water shield will not eliminate ice damming. There are multiple other problems that may come into play; 1) Loss of Heat is too great and it simply refreezes at the edge of the roof or in the gutter, 2) Snow melt from the Sun, 3) Poor ventilation, 4) Less than an 8" over hang. The water simply freezes in the gutter. 

In cases such as this the solution may only be using Heated Gutter Guards such as Gutterglove IceBreaker, Heat Panels on the Eave, or using a Heated Utility Panel around the Skylight. 

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