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Relationship between Sky Lights and Ice Dams

Skylights can be a source of Ice Damming in certain circumstances. Note the following quote from Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation: 

"In cold weather, snow melting from heat loss around the skylight drains down and can refreeze downstream, causing ice damming. Water subsequently builds up behind the ice dam, ultimately penetrating below the shingles. A rubberized asphalt sheet prevents water leakage resulting from this condition (see Detail 2.27d)"

"Ice damming can be minimized by reducing heat loss from the roof and skylight wall. Rigid insulation, with a minimum thermal resistance equivalent to that in the exterior walls of the building, should be provided (see Details 2.27a, b, c). If the skylight walls are inclined, insulation with a thermal resistance equivalent to the roof should be considered. This reduces the amount of snow melt that could cause ice damming."

In many cases insulation, ice and water shield will not eliminate ice damming. There are multiple other problems that may come into play; 1) Loss of Heat is too great and it simply refreezes at the edge of the roof or in the gutter, 2) Snow melt from the Sun, 3) Poor ventilation, 4) Less than an 8" over hang. The water simply freezes in the gutter. 

In cases such as this the solution may only be using Heated Gutter Guards such as Gutterglove IceBreaker, Heat Panels on the Eave, or using a Heated Utility Panel around the Skylight. 

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Gutterglove gets Consumer Reports’ seal of approval - Rocklin

Gutterglove gets Consumer Reports’ seal of approval - Rocklin: "Gutterglove gets Consumer Reports’ seal of approval"

Robert Lenney has pulled thousands of Northern California homeowners out of the gutter and it’s really paying off.
The Rocklin co-founder and lead inventor of the Gutterglove line of gutter guards said his company has the best product in the industry and now Consumer Reports is backing him up.

The September 2010 issue ranked Gutterglove Incorporated’s Gutterglove Pro No. 1 in all categories when compared to other gutter guard brands. “After 16 months of testing, Consumer Reports realized our Gutterglove technology was better at filtering debris out and letting rain go into the gutter,” Lenney said. “Our technology is taking over the industry.” 

Technology Lenney and partner John Lewis spent years perfecting after starting a gutter-cleaning business in the mid 1990s.“Ironically, we would get gutter cleaning jobs that had gutter guards on top of them,” Lenney said. “We thought, ‘Why would someone pay so much money to have a gutter guard installed and still have to go and clean the gutter?’”

After observing how other products failed to keep out dirt, pine needles and leaves, while often collapsing into the gutter after a storm, Lenney and Lewis sought out a better system. For strength and durability, they use the same anodized aluminum found on the Sears Tower in Chicago. Their mesh rain filter has 8,100 holes per square inch.
“The mesh is the highest grade of stainless steel on the market,” Lenney said. “The same kind that’s used in underwater applications because it won’t rust or corrode.”

Popular Mechanics’ July 2010 issue highlighted the Gutterglove filtering system in a technology report because the product qualifies for high-fire zones under the new California fire code. Consumers have caught onto Gutterglove coverage and sales are storming. “We’ve just been really pleased with it,” said Rocklin homeowner Joy’ce Wilson who purchased a Gutterglove system about two-and-a-half years ago. “We just did an extension to our home and when (the contractor) looked into the gutters they almost looked brand new. I was just really impressed.”

Gutterglove Incorporated has 150 dealers across the country and four product lines, ranging in price from $6 to $17 a foot, including professional installation. Lenney expects to sell more than a million feet of Gutterglove in 2010. “It’s amazing to see the growth that we’ve had,” said Galen Powers, production manager. “In the last couple years we’ve developed new products to reach different markets. Before we only had a commercial-grade product that was engineered to extreme strengths and now we have some different levels. So for someone with a regular residential home, they don’t always need the top-of-the-line product.”

Gutterglove Icebreaker uses ice-melting technology to prevent gutter damage from sliding snow and also eliminates icicles. Homeowners can use the Icebreaker or other Gutterglove gutter covers as part of a snow and rain harvesting system for long-term water storage.

“The reason why Gutterglove is being used by rain harvest contractors is because Gutterglove filters out all the debris,” said Lenney, who is also accredited through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.
The Environmental Protection Agency reports the average American household uses about 400 gallons of water a day. Gutterglove presents a green alternative for consumers who want to store water for farming, fire protection or emergency reserve.

Lenney, who employs 15 workers at his Rocklin office and warehouse, said Gutterglove systems are installed on thousands of homes, historical sites and several buildings at Stanford University. The company’s 25-year warranty guarantees gutter cleaning will be a task of the past and ensures product performance. “It’s the most expensive gutter guard made in the industry,” he said. “They tradeoff – it’s the best.”

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: Snow Harvesting With Breakthrough Technology Heated Gutter Guard

: Snow Harvesting With Breakthrough Technology Heated Gutter Guard

The inventors of Gutterglove gutter guard are unveiling a 'heated' gutter guard that is the first of it's kind in much needed icicle hazard areas of the world. This heated gutter guard, properly named 'Gutterglove IceBreaker', melts icicles, snow loads and ice dams on your gutter so you can finally harvest the melted snow in your rainwater tanks for later use. IceBreaker even filters out leaves, pine needles and tiny roof sand grit so gutter cleaning is a thing of the past.
This never seen before technology incorporates a self-regulating heat cable that installs in a built in channel in the IceBreaker gutter guard itself. It efficiently warms up the gutter guard and inside the gutter for melting the ice that has plagued homeowners for centuries from falling icicles. When Gutterglove IceBreaker is turned on, it not only melts the ice, but prohibits icicles from forming on the gutter.
Falling icicles from building structures can cause serious harm and even death when they fall on unsuspecting pedestrians. Russia knows all too well about this problem.
In Moscow, TASS news agency reported on February 26, 2008, "Six people have been killed in three days by icicles falling from buildings in a central Russian region."
Report by Rachelle Bowden of the, "In 2000, Donald Booth, a Wisconsin man, was walking down the sidewalk past the Neiman Marcus building (in Chicago) when a microwave-size piece of ice fell from the sky, crushing his skull and vertebrae and instantly killing him,"
Robert Lenney, co-inventor of IceBreaker, says that his heated gutter guard is truly unique and can eliminate icicle fatalities.
"IceBreaker is a true heated gutter guard because it has a built-in channel in the gutter guard itself that the self-regulating heat cable snaps into," says Lenney. "This built-in feature for the heat cable allows significantly more potential of conductive heat to radiate through itself and downward inside the gutter."
Traditional ways for deicing a gutter is to place the cable on the bottom of the gutter. But Lenney says the problem with this is that the oblong shaped cable has three sides exposed to the cold air, so 75% of the heat is being wasted. The only real functional heat is coming from where one side of the cable is touching the bottom of the gutter.
Lenney also adds, "IceBreaker is energy efficient also, because only one heat cable is needed to melt the ice in and on your gutter. I emphasize a single cable because a couple other gutter guards that claim to be heated, use two or three cables to achieve what IceBreaker can do with just one cable."
Lenney's IceBreaker design allows the option of having the cable enclosed on three sides or all four sides. Optimal heat transfer occurs throughout the gutter when all four sides of the oblong shaped cable are enclosed inside the aluminum channel. To achieve the closure of all four sides, there is an optional aluminum cover that attaches on top of the cable.
Gutterglove IceBreaker also solves another problem, cleaning out your gutters. The top of IceBreaker has a fine stainless steel mesh that filters out all the leaf and pine needles, including roof sand grit. No more gutter cleaning, and no more icicles.
The traditional way of cleaning out a gutter with a cable installed in the bottom of a gutter is very difficult. The debris wraps itself around the heat cable making it troublesome to clean out the leaves, pine needles and sand from the gutter. Fireman also consider this a fire hazard when dried leaf debris mixes with the heat cable in the summer time.
IceBreaker is the only gutter guard in the world that uses aluminum alloy 6,000 series (6063 to be more specific) because it can be formed into a hardened extrusion that is superior in strength with optimum radiant heat transfer characteristics. Type 6063 is also 20% more conductive than other aluminum alloys which is why it's widely used in the electronic industry (computers, stereo's etc) as 'heat sinks' because of it's ability to absorb and transfer heat away from sensitive components.
In climates where temperatures are sub-zero Fahrenheit and below, a special 'heat sink' accessory is available that snaps to the underside of IceBreaker and transfers additional heat to the bottom of the gutter.
Co-inventor John Lewis feels that IceBreaker will also help eliminate rainwater erosion problems during the fall and spring when it's not cold enough to snow yet.
"Many homes in colder climates generally don't have gutters because of the icing problems that exist," comments Lewis. "However, that's not a problem anymore. Because IceBreaker eliminates these problems, homes can now have gutters as long as IceBreaker is installed on them."
Lewis also mentioned that when snow slides off the roof, as long as IceBreaker is installed at the same pitch of the roof, the snow and ice just slide off IceBreaker, leaving your gutters intact. One of the benefits of having a gutter on your home is that it channels the rainwater away from your home eliminating water erosion problems.
With IceBreaker, you can also perform snow harvesting, also referred to as rain harvesting. Your gutter allows the melted snow to flow to your rainwater storage tanks which can be used later for a variety of water uses.
Currently, Lenney and Lewis have designed two more gutter guards (non-heated) in addition to IceBreaker. Because of the recession and everyone being on very tight budgets, they felt the need to design two low cost gutter guards that every homeowner can afford. And they did just that. Both are mesh filtering and keep leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit out of the gutter. Gutterglove Ultra will sell for around $5.50 per foot for a DIY self install and LeafBlaster will be around $1.99 per foot as a DIY self install.�
With the advent of there new product line, they have a completely new remodeled website and is at LeafBlaster info will be available at
About Gutterglove Gutterguard
Gutterglove Gutterguard was founded in 2003 and has offices in Rocklin and Fremont� California, and dealers located across the country. They were awarded a U.S. Patent in 2007 for their core gutter guard product and continue to invent state-of-the-art technology in the gutter guard industry. For more information, call 877-662-5644, or visit:
Robert Lenney and John Lewis are also Accredited Professionals through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (
Contact Info: Robert Lenney

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Press Release of the Day: Saving the world from falling icicles | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Press Release of the Day: Saving the world from falling icicles | Twin Cities Daily Planet

by Jay Gabler | 8/25/09 • In Elizabeth Berg's book Range of Motion, a wife struggles to cope as her husband lies in a coma. Throughout the book—which is actually quite moving and thought-provoking despite being available in a mass-market edition with gilded letters and one of those peek-a-boo diecut covers—the woman reflects on all the little things that married people sometimes take for granted when their partners are not rendered unconscious for months after being struck by an icicle.

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That's right...the villain is an icicle. Does this sort of thing happen often? Well, according to Gutterglove Gutterguard, makers of the IceBreaker gutter heater and the LeafBlaster gutter filter, "in Moscow, TASS news agency reported on February 26, 2008, 'Six people have been killed in three days by icicles falling from buildings in a central Russian region.'" Further, "Report by Rachelle Bowden of the, 'In 2000, Donald Booth, a Wisconsin man, was walking down the sidewalk past the Neiman Marcus building (in Chicago) when a microwave-size piece of ice fell from the sky, crushing his skull and vertebrae and instantly killing him.'" A little quick Googling yielded a blog entry from Albany, New York, which links to several other examples—and notes that Minneapolis is one of the risk areas. The question is, what's it worth to you to protect your loved ones (and mail carrier) from being smote by icicles?

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IceBreaker system wards off pesky deadly icicles

IceBreaker system wards off pesky deadly icicles

Article type: Gutterglove IceBreaker
Media type:

Media name: CNET Article date: August 26th, 2009 Media’s website link: IceBreaker system wards off pesky deadly icicles
Gutterglove IceBreaker Apparently, those who live in climates where it regularly freezes in the winter are at risk of death via icicle. It appears that larger icicles can break off of gutters and plunge into people's bodies, killing them coldly on contact.

A company called Gutterglove, which ironically is California-based, has a new add-on called the IceBreaker for its already advanced guttering systems. Using a self-regulated heated cable, the IceBreaker keeps water on the outside of the gutter just above freezing, meaning icicles don't form, fall off, and kill you and your loved ones as you build your snowman.

The cable fits Gutterglove's DIY install gutters, which already do things like collect rainwater for personal use; filter pine needles and seeds; and keep gutters clean so you don't have to. I wish we had this when I was 15.
All kidding aside, people actually do die every year from ice falling from man-made structures. It's not how I'd want to go, and it's not something I'd wish on anyone else, either. Were I a homeowner in a place frigid enough to warrant fears of chilly death from above, I'd definitely consider something like the Icebreaker gutter cables. But, living in Seattle, I only have to deal with mammoth quakes that will destroy my apartment building in my sleep.
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Eliminate Icicle Risk and Harvest Snow with Ground-Breaking Heated Gutter Guard Technology

Eliminate Icicle Risk and Harvest Snow with Ground-Breaking Heated Gutter Guard Technology

Article topic: Gutterglove IceBreaker
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Media name: Green Energy News 
Article date: September 4, 2009 
Media’s website link: Eliminate Icicle Risk and Harvest Snow with Ground-Breaking Heated Gutter Guard Technology
Gutterglove IceBreaker melts iciclesInventors of Gutterglove Gutter Guard’, highly advanced gutter protection systems, have developed a modern solution for regions with elevated icicle exposure – accurately dubbed ‘Gutterglove IceBreaker’. The novel innovation thaws icicles, ice dams and snow loads onrain gutters; offering consumers the unique option to process captured snow into rainwater for later use.

The IceBreaker also works diligently to filter out all leaves, pine needles and minuscule roof particles so you are ensured clean water, as well as a clean rain gutter all year round. Patented technology behind the IceBreaker incorporates a self-regulating heat cable which is built-in to the gutter guard itself; efficiently warming it throughout, as well as completely eliminating concerns of hazardous icicle formations falling and striking an unfortunate victim. In fact, this is an ongoing problem in areas like Russia and even in colder areas throughout the United States such as Chicago, with serious harm and even death reported in many cases.

TASS news agency, based in Moscow, reported the death of six separate individuals attributed to icicle formations plummeting from buildings in a central Russian region around early 2008. Rachelle Bowden of the, “In 2000, Donald Booth, a Wisconsin man, was walking down the sidewalk past the Neiman Marcus building (in Chicago) when a microwave-size piece of ice fell from the sky, crushing his skull and vertebrae and instantly killing him.”
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Gutter Services Madison, Columbus, Kenosha, Green Bay WI

Gutter Services Madison, Columbus, Kenosha, Green Bay, Milwaukee WI

Tahoe Daily Tribune; December 19, 2009

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif — If pine needles
don't clog your rain gutters in the fall, ice is likely doing the job this winter.

But after a successful trial at his own South Lake Tahoe home this week, one local businessman will offer a potential solution to both annoyances.

The product was invented by former Grass Valley resident Robert Lenney, the co-founder of
Gutterglove Gutterguard, which has offices in Fremont and Rocklin.

John Murray, the owner of McGee Mechanical, said he will soon offer
Gutterglove Icebreaker, a recently developed product that combines a gutter cover with heat cable to keep rain gutters free of icicles and icy build up in the winter and pine needles during the rest of the year.

In addition to decreasing the amount of time homeowners spend on maintaining rain gutters,
the heated gutter cover also improves safety by preventing icicles from breaking off unexpectedly, Lenney said. The gutter is heated electrically.

Murray had his doubts about the product at first, but after seeing the results first hand, he decided to offer the product to customers at the South Shore.

“It's really a pretty neat thing he's come up with,” Murray said. “We put one in on my house and I was a little bit skeptical. I was afraid that ice would still accumulate inside the gutter.”

Traditional gutters aren't always effective at the South Shore because of the tendency for ice build up, bend the gutter, pull it away from the roof or break the gutter off completely, Murray said, echoing a comment from Gutterglove's other founder John Lewis.

“Many homes in colder climates generally don't have gutters because of the icing problems that exist,” Lewis said in a statement. “However, that's not a problem anymore.”

Murray said he requires people who purchase rain gutters from McGee Mechanical to install heat tape to prevent ice from building up. Heat tape is what
heats the guard and radiates heat into the gutter.

“We won't
warranty our gutters from snow and ice unless that heat tape is installed,” Murray said.

Murray installed the Icebreaker on his home prior to a series of recent winter storms that hit the South Shore.

After leaving the gutter cover on for about 48 hours, the miniature cornice that had formed at the edge of his roof had receded and the icicles had fallen off in under 48 hours, Murray said.

Because many Lake Tahoe homes lack rain gutters, strips of rock are sometimes placed underneath a roof's drip line as part of Best Management Practices — measures at Lake Tahoe to prevent stormwater runoff from reaching the lake and contributing to its historic clarity decline.

heated gutter guard is another way to prevent stormwater from going unmanaged, according to the statement.

The Gutterlglove Icebreaker costs between $30 and $35 a foot and could be offered as soon as this winter depending on the amount if interest received, Murray said.

Local businessman breaks the ice with new gutter technology